Scenic Walk with Friends

While we mummies enjoy running long distances, our children, while not ready to join the lengthy runs – certainly can WALK the distance.

Some friends and I planned the Southern Ridges Walk, starting from Marang Trail (across Vivocity) to Hort Park. The distance did take a toll on the growing legs, but certainly did not dampen their spirits.

After completing the first stretch of the walk, it was time to take a breather and enjoy the scenic view. And also explore the defunct cable cars!

Wow! Look through this!!

Wow! Look through this!!

The view from the fancy washroom atop Jewel Box, at Mount Faber

A shady route took us to the peak of the walk – The Henderson Waves. This mega-tall bridge is built some 66m above sea level, gradually sloping up to nearly 80m

Smiles all around, as the tired ones enjoy the breeze at the top and the legs take a much-needed rest!

Tired but Happy

Tired but Happy

After more than an hour, we finally reached the end of this walk. Much needed reprieve after crossing the metallic crossing taking us to Hort Park.

let us rest while we wait for others

let us rest while we wait for others

Finally! Playtime!

No matter how they grumbled about the length of the walk, I know this won’t be their last time!

In fact, this walk brought a new run route to my attention. Soon enough!


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